Greenheater, sustainable principle of responsibility

Greenheater, sustainable principle of responsibility ad hoc promotes new projecting positions and working processes that favor nature, valuing the cycle of life of the products and creating one new metalization finish that does not use chromium, difficultly disposable substance, but that it uses particular works of cleaning and polishing of the extruded aluminum. ad hoc greenheater, innovation and ecosustainability in italian key: atmosphere, style and functionalities are conjugated only rethinking and innovating the production processes and inventing new technologies and new products.
To produce sustainable objects means to guard nature:

  • using recycled and recuclable materials
  • reducing the energetic costs in phase of production and disposal
  • cancelling polluting processes and treatments
  • choosing formal sobriety and higher heating performances
  • improving installers’ job with lighter materials

Awards & Acknowledgments